How to Select the Best Home Siding Material from a Variety of Options

January 24, 2023

The exterior of your home matters the most because it not only adds to your home’s aesthetics but also protects it from external weather conditions. Siding plays a significant role in the overall appearance of the roof of any property. Numerous factors should be considered before purchasing siding material. Torham Exterior Solutions provides the best and most practical solutions regarding roofing and siding. Thus, to find out which siding material is most suited for your needs, read this article. 

Consider the Following Factors Before Selecting Home Siding Material

Climate: When selecting suitable siding material for your home, you need to consider the climate in your area. The material you choose should be able to withstand weather conditions in your area.

Energy efficiency: There are siding materials that have better insulation properties than others. In the long run, these enable you to save money on your energy bills.

Cost: You should consider the cost of the siding material. This will include the cost of installation and maintenance. 

Environmental factors: Certain siding materials are more environmentally friendly than others because they are made from recycled or sustainable materials.

Warranty: Siding manufacturers offer warranties. There are even some products that come with lifetime warranties. You need to check the warranty and lifespan of the siding product that you have chosen.

Some of the Most Popular Home Siding Materials Include

Wood Siding

This traditional siding material is susceptible to decay and insect infestation and requires regular maintenance. Wood siding offers numerous styles of siding. Wood siding styles such as board and batten, clapboards, shakes, and shingles are common. Wood is often used by builders for premium projects because of its timeless beauty and natural, warm appearance.

Fibre Cement

Fibre cement siding is waterproof and non-combustible. Cement and cellulose fibres are combined to produce this composite material, which can be shaped into various siding products, including clapboards, panels, battens, boards, and exterior trims. Due to its moisture- and rot-resistant properties, it is ideal for coastal areas prone to hurricanes, storms, and flooding. In areas prone to wildfires, it has become the siding of choice.

Stone or Brick Veneer 

For those who admire and desire a look of stone for their house, stone or brick veneer is the perfect siding material. It is easy to add, and a thin layer gives the appearance of solid masonry. Drab concrete foundation walls can be upgraded with this siding treatment. Although it is durable and fire-resistant, it is also expensive.

Vinyl Siding 

It is the most popular siding material because it is long-lasting, affordable, durable, and easy to install and maintain. Siding made of vinyl can be applied to newly constructed walls and walls already covered with siding. A solid rigid foam insulation backing is installed behind the stepped profile of insulated vinyl siding that provides extra insulation. 

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You should consult a professional and seek their advice for the ideal siding material for your home. Siding contracting company Torham Exterior Solution Inc provides residential and commercial siding services in Hamilton and the surrounding area. Our siding experts are equipped with the best training, tools, and materials to ensure our customers receive high-quality siding installation and repair services. If you are looking for the best commercial roofing material read the blog What is the Best Commercial Roofing Material?” on our website.