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  • Sloped Roof Systems

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    Types of Slope Roofing

    Residential properties around Hamilton are more likely to have sloping roofs because they are versatile. Their beauty is enhanced by the fact that they do not allow natural elements to collect on top. Water, dirt, and other outside elements simply slide off these sloping roofs. Our experts here at Torham Exterior Solutions Inc will shed light on the most popular types of sloping roof types.

    Gable Roof

    For sloping roof types, the gable roof is by far the most popular. Gable roofs are formed by joining two rectangular panels at an angle to form a ridge.

    Saltbox Roof

    Essentially, saltbox roofs are offshoots of gable roofs. A sloping roof of this type is almost the same as a gable roof. There is a difference in the length of roof panels forming the ridge. One side of this style is longer than the other.

    Gambrel Roof

    Gambrel roofs are another popular type of sloping roof. There are two equal roof panels on both sides of the building. As opposed to other types of sloping roofs, they are not aligned straight. Gambrel roofs have a wider upper slope angle and a steeper lower slope angle.

    Mansard Roof

    Roofs with four sloping sides are known as mansard roofs.  Gambrel roofs are similar in that regard. The difference is that all sides slope. Sloping roof types will only be visible from a distance, not up close, due to their shape.

    Pyramid Roof

    Pyramid roofs are similar to their cousin, the Mansard roof, in that they have a four-sided slope. The roofs are shaped like pyramids. Suitable for small structures like huts, storage units, etc.


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    Your new Torham sloped roof will be high-performance and stand up to anything Mother Nature can throw at it. Working to manufacturers’ specifications enables us to provide a guaranteed and full hassle-free warranty.

    As a homeowner in Hamilton Ontario, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the Torham team always uses premium materials installed with proven expert craftsmanship.

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